Meet the Goonies:

Bridget Bidwell House 

'I've been a full time stylist since 1991 and have seen a million trends come and go.  I am in love with the direction that the industry has taken as of late.  Independent education and the sharing of information and ideas freely with our peers helps us all grow!

I am co-owner of EmBee Meche, a small stylist owned company that manufactures innovative stylist tools that helps stylist push push their work to the next level with tools that work FOR them. Our users are our platform artists, and the salon floor is our stage.

I have a love for updo styling and deconstructed boho type braids.  I have found some amazing tips and tricks that look difficult or time consuming - but are actually quite simple.  I love to share my findings with other stylists."

Crystal Casey

Bridget Bidwell House

Samantha Christopher

Since a young age, Samantha loved to get her hands in hair & aspired to make people beautiful. Not wanted to

waste any time, she enrolled at an Aveda Institute before graduating and began school weeks after graduation. 16 years in the industry, she has been partnered and educated with Aveda for the majority of

her career. Since day one, her focus has been on advanced education, sacrificing every free day & minute to attend classes and shows to keep her inspired. She has been a salon owner for 11 years and is very passionate about training & coaching new generations of stylists to build up for success. She believes that in the beauty industry, the minute one stops learning is when one stops growing, which is why she considers it an honor to be a part of bringing advanced education to fellow stylists alongside people she really looks up to through the Pixel Project and the Goonies.


Joleen Marie Cumbie-Sodaro

Joleen comes to you with over 3 years of educator experience having traveled throughut the US teaching her techniques to other aspiring stylists. She has been creating beautiful hair for over 15 years, having her work featured multiple times on Modern Salon amongst various other style websites. Her passion is not just for teaching others, but inspiring others to learn and step outside their comfort zone, as she believes that is where the real magic happens behind the chair. Joleen's goal is to teach what she has learned and share her passion for learning with others.


Nora Dababneh

My name is Nora Dababneh, owner of Color Me New salon. I am a Chicago-based licensed cosmetologist, certified hair colorist and independent educator. I focus mainly on vivid color & balayage color services.I graduated from John Amico school of hair design in 2011 an have modeled in multiple hair shows & private classes across the U.S.  My passion for education has allowed me to travel the world. I have been featured in various magazines such as Behind The Chair, Modern Salon , Hot On  Beauty & many others. I have a love for creativity & it has a love for me. I custom color each client to perfectly match their exquisite features & unique style.

“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” — Mary Lou Cook

Adrienne De La Cruz

Adrienne De La Cruz, owner of FX Salon Pensacola, specializes in editorial work, weddings, fashion color and photo shoots.  This sparkling star as a child drew, painted and wrote songs. However, her troubled and disadvantaged upbringing landed her in drug use and homelessness.  The day she discovered she was pregnant with her first child she "woke up" and decided to relocate  with her husband from her native California to Pensacola, Florida.  There, De La Cruz threw herself into education and several jobs.  She eventually found cosmetology school and it was her magic bullet.  She posted her work on social media and was discovered by Rebecca Taylor, who asked her to model.  Taylor, impressed by De La Cruz's hustle and passion, invited her to apprentice and become an admin on her FB Hairstylist Educational Forum.De La Cruz's work has been featured on a three page spread in Pensacola Magazine's Bridal Issue and twice in Bella magazine and on InstaGram's @candycolors_, @imallaboutdahair, @beautifinder, @kenraprofessional, @hotonbeauty, @cuteezers, among others. De La Cruz teaches the art of photo shoots. . . planning concepts, posing, wardrobe, hairstyles, etiquette.  "I'm a Goonie because I am first an artist, a survivor, I refuse to be a statistic, my passion fuels me! It's not my job, it's my LiFe!"  Dreams come true are a state of being. . . whether in California or Florida, she is always a Goonie!


Ruby Devine

I am an educator and hairstylist with over 15 years of experience. I've worked on both coasts pushing the limits of what can be done with personal style. I enjoy working with colleagues to experiment with new techniques and sharing my experiences in this ever-changing industry. Although I have recently been captivated by fashion coloring, I try to stay flexible with my work, so that I don't get caught in any particular trend and can stay at the leading edge instead of following the pack.


Ursula Goff


Angela Gregory

Angela's passion for hair drives her to make people even more beautiful than they already are! As the owner of be beautiful hair studio, Angela has been in the hair industry for more than 17 years. Working in several salons in her hometown, opening her own business was a dream come true, her "little slice of heaven" as she likes to call it!

In her early years of cosmetology, she decided she wanted to teach at Olympian University of Cosmetology. After two years of instructing, she decided she missed being behind the chair and set out to find new hair ventures. Without having a clientele, she decided Supercuts was a great place to start. Learning new cutting techniques was a challenge but she made it happen! Cutting hair is her specialty and what she enjoys the most!


Heidi Grether

Heidi Grether, @DrH_heidgrether, began cutting hair at age eleven, first on family then friends. It was in her first semester in college when friends started paying for her kitchen cuts that she thought maybe she should pursue her love of hair! Glorious Image Salon and Boutique in Orlando was her first salon venture. Among others, she hired new stylist, Shannon Holben Keel, beginning a longstanding friendship that has culminated in both becoming independent educators. DrH's emphasis remains on star treatment of each client as well as excellence in technique, resulting in clients waiting five years to see her. Though DrH attended large hair shows, it was through @ShannonKeel's invitation to be a FB Hairstylist Educational Forum admin that she began going to many hands on classes. Soon friendships emerged and DrH invited several stylists to lodge at her house when they came to classes in her area. That nucleus grew into the birthing of The Goonies at the BTC New Orleans Show, September 2015. The Goonies artistic team, noting DrH's salon success, asked her to share her business expertise at their Events. Today, DrH works out of a private studio in Pensacola, Florida's The Next Level Salon.

She refers to her massive clientele as "Corporate Classic".  She works with a full-time assistant, stays scheduled a year in advance and her clients brag on her quality work, respect for their time and intuitive fashion guidance. DrH's keen sense of time management, business aptitude and artful communication have kept her producing six figures for the last decade and teaching those skills is her foundational passion.


Melissa McCowen

Melissa McCowen, stylist, colorist and co founder of Embee Meche was first inspired by Beverly Hills stylist and salon owner, Juan Serquinia, who just happened to be her uncle.  He brought his hair magic to family reunions, styling McCowen's grandmothers and cousins, igniting her desire to follow in his footsteps.  Since finishing cosmetology school in 2006 Melissa discovered a love and passion for education which has allowed her to travel all over the US.  Melissa now resides in small town Dayton, Washington, population 2700.  In a short time working five to six days a week, McCowen  built a full clientele with a waiting list, with clients traveling scores of miles for her magical hair transformations. In 2014, McCowen and co worker Bridget House saw the growing need for foil alternatives and innovative product to allow stylist full creativity and voila, EmBee Meche was formed.  The two entrepreneurial women have built a national and international business, supplying an earth friendly alternative to throw away foils and many other hair painting products.  As a Goonie,  McCowen is grateful to have found people that share her passion for hair.  We do what we love and we love what we do.


Jason Mcdonald

Jason McDonald, owner of Headstrong Creative Hair Salon in Pensacola, Florida is an internationally published artist and national educator and stylist of twenty-four years.  Jason's grandfather was a barber and his aunt was a cosmetologist.  Jason began by working two years in Jacksonville at his aunt's salon. He moved to Pensacola where he worked in corporate salons.  In 2012, after a two year hiatus for back surgery, Jason was feeling outdated and left behind.  Not content, he chose to catch up by attending countless classes.  After working  with Rebecca Taylor in 2004, Jason reconnected with her in 2014 and she invited him to become an admin of her Face Book forum, Hairstylist Educational Forum, as well as join her Vivid Artistic Team salon.  Jason ignited with the formation of the Goonies, bringing his coloring and foiling techniques, such as  "The Jason Foil" and "The Vivid Bomb" to the Goonie Events. A quiet, compassionate man, Jason has walked a path of self discovery and positivity.  His color work is brilliant, his style is smooth with clean finishes, and his heart is one of gratitude and joy. "I'm a Goonie because I'm a passionate artist. . . with just a touch of madness."  Madness alright. . . . mad skills!


Philip Ring

Philip Ring, Creative Director for Salon Embellish in Phoenix, Arizona is a passionate stylist/photographer/YouTuber whose success is derived from seeking out only the top education in the industry. In a short 5 and a half year career, Philip has been a salon owner, hosted multiple red carpet industry events, and a social media sensation with a fast growing (1000+ new followers per week) instagram following. His Pixel Project Collective has truly begun to sweep the internet, with features in prestigious magazines as well as many trade magazines. He continues to allure followers with new color choices and patterns as well as creating a high demand from salons all over the country for on-site education. If Philip isn’t in the salon or traveling to educate, you will definitely find him at the Sassoon Academy, honing his skills in both precision cutting and coloring.




Ashley Rocks

A leader in the hair industry with a repertoire of impressive training, Ashley Rocks is more than capable of transforming simple, damaged hair into a creative, colorful masterpiece. Published artist, Behind The Chair – One Shot Award Finalist, National Educator for Babe Hair Extensions, these are only a few of the many titles Ashley holds. Adding to her impressive list of accomplishments, she has teamed up as an educator for the Goonies, a group of talented, award-winning stylists that travel and showcase what they’ve got to aspiring hair lovers! What do stylists backstage at Fashion Week and happy AK Lounge clients have in common? They’ve all worked with Ashley to get those looks that would seem like only a dream otherwise. Ashley Rocks (formerly Ashley Johnson) has over a decade worth of experience in the hair industry, including leading several classes and presenting at events like the International Beauty Show and RAW Artist Event. To learn more about the best techniques for hair extensions, balayage, hair coloring, and more, Ashley is a top resource to aspiring hair stylists. View her amazing work on Instagram, at AK Lounge in San Antonio, or at one of the featured hair classes.


Ricardo Santiago

In the hair industry for 10 years, Ricardo has been called the"Jack of all trades”; specializing in everything from vibrant/mermaid colors, rich naturals, to perfectly blended balayage and highlights. With a special emphasis on styling to accentuate his cuts and colors, Ricardo incorporates every aspect of this industry into his work as another weapon in his arsenal, down to his barbering roots. He has a constant hunger for more education and is doing what he can to learn more and better improve his skills in hopes of passing that knowledge onto others.

Lauren Stockton

My name is Lauren Stockton I own a suite salon in Plantation Fl @LRSHairDesign. I started in the industry at the age of 17 as an assistant and fell in love with hair. Shorty after I began my journey through school and working behind the chair. The day I became a stylist I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. After years at my former salon I started to feel stale and seeking out further education and that's where I began to blossom! The artist in me was born when I started challenging myself by stepping out of my comfort zone and surrounding my self with like minded stylist. I found a group of stylist that had passion like the saying goes "Your vibe attracts your tribe". Everything fell into place after that. I stand as a confident stylist building my dreams and crushing them! After years of connecting with fellow stylist via social media and various classes throughout  the US I attended BTC Color, Cut and Style 2015 and the GOONIES where founded! I had the honor of participating in the #soloartist project filmed and documented by the amazing Philip Ring and was able to share my story and the struggle of a creative mind can have in "regular society" finding those who feel like me and made my journey in this industry something I'm so proud of! We aren't alone I AM A GOONIE!!




Crystal Casey (@CryistalChaos) is a seasoned stylist of 9 years from Virginia Beach, VA where she graduated from a Paul Mitchell partner school in 2007. Crystals skill set ranges from elegant wedding upstyles to bold & unique fashion colors. Crystal has had the privilege to work on Miss United States 2011, Miss Teen Virginia 2013 & has been published in print in multiple wedding magazines. Crystal has also had her work featured in the online how-to section of Modern Salon. In 2015 Crystal opened her own salon suite & in 2016 she expanded that suite. After years of salon hopping & working from her kitchen (& other people's homes) at age 30 she decided to finally make the dream of her own salon a reality. Crystal works tirelessly creating new trends & techniques to share for special educational events such as the Goonies Workshop, she can't wait to share her knowledge & see what you create with it.

Keon Washington

I was born in a small spot on the of map Indian town called Nassawadoux, VA surrounded by many other small backwoods towns. Virginia happens to be a state known for having insanely talented stylist. I have been cutting hair for 13 years now. Even before I was a licensed professional I had found a love for the game. Currently a barber of Sporty Cuts in Greenville, SC but his focus has shifted to traveling the globe providing private education and training. Designs are my specialty, big intricate and detailed hair art. I also have a customs business that i maintain as well called Krayon Customz. Also one of the 14 administrators of the Hairstylist Education Forum (HEF) on Facebook for licensed professionals only and its currently at 90k+ members.  I live hair and dedicate my life to it, it is my passion and has led me to my purpose. As some of my idols would say my aim is to “under promise and over deliver”.

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Joseph Trace

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Former infant and two time college drop out, Ursula Goff escaped her white trash roots by joining the circus in her head and learning to decorate everything in rainbows and glitter. Her motivation in life is to find any excuse to paint pretty pictures, be it on canvases, hair, or any other medium. With both a cosmetology license and a psychology degree, her color work is literally therapeutic. Her ambitions include damning the man and doing what she wants, and she would eventually like to learn how to properly adult someday (in moderation)

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Nadine Donovan-Agiesta